Alight Motion Apk, Import Xml File In Alight Motion

Alight Motion is the world’s first professional Motion Design app for smartphones and tablets. Create videos with professional-quality animation, visual effects, motion graphics and more!

Backup Alight Motion project

If you are swishing to a new phone or want to share your alight motion project then is then you can backpack your alight motion project files, in that way you won’t lose your project files, please note that if you have big size audio, image, video then it won’t able to backup. The only thing will able to backup is all the editing you did on alight motion app. However you can use your editing and replace or re import the audio, image, video you have used in your previous project.

How to Back up Alight Motion Projects?

To import alight motion XML Project files first open alight motion got to your project section now you are able to see here all of your project. Simply tap and hold the project you want to backup then on the right hand site corner at the top you will see a share button, go to share to button. At the end you will see XML, now select XML and export. Now chose where you want to save your project files then past it will save your project.

Import XML Project Files in Alight Motion

Before we know How to import XML Project Files in Alight Motion, is important to know that alight motion is not allow anymore to import XML Project Files. The only way we can import a alight motion XML project files is downgrading our alight motion another way to say using old version of alight motion APK.

Copy and Paste any Effects

Sometimes the original project file on alight motion is missing due to that we lose hope to use that project file however those who still reading this let me tell you that we can still use that effect by simply knowing How to Copy and Paste any Effects on Alight Motion.

How to Copy Effects in Alight motion project?

First open the project you want the effect from then tap on the layout that has the effects you want then go to ➡ effects at the bottom left site corner you will see there (dot) tap on this and copy the effects.

How to Past Effects in Alight motion project?

When you have copy the effects now Now go back to your alight motion project where you want to add that effects select the layout you wan to add the effects now got to effects section of that layout and now you will see three dots again on the left site corner tap on it and past to past that effects. Now successful the effects had been apply to your project. Copy and Paste any Effects

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